Leading the attractions industry in Safety, Sales & Support

For over 25 years, Ride Entertainment has led the global attractions industry by providing multi-faceted services to theme parks, zoos, and amusement facilities of all sizes. We are industry veterans and relationship-builders with decades of amusement ride experience across a multitude of disciplines and a passion for creating experiences of a lifetime.



Our team has cultivated a reputation both within the industry and through our partnerships for setting the gold standard across four key divisions: Sales, Ride Maintenance & Installations, Parks & Attractions (Operations), and Financial Partnerships. 



Lighting Up Your Lives with KCL Engineering

Amusement parks and other attractions tend to be eye-catching by nature. But, when you really think about it, they truly come alive at night. There’s something about a theme park at night that sets the senses into overdrive and a big part of that is the way the...

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Giant Thrills, Tiny Footprint

There are few attractions out there with the sheer presence of Funtime’s Booster. While small in footprint, it is big on thrills for riders – and visuals for those watching from the ground. A giant swinging arm, up to 164 feet tall, moving at over 60 m.p.h. – it’s...

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