Leading the attractions industry in Safety, Sales & Support

For over 25 years, Ride Entertainment has led the global attractions industry by providing multi-faceted services to theme parks, zoos, and amusement facilities of all sizes. We are industry veterans and relationship-builders with decades of amusement ride experience across a multitude of disciplines and a passion for creating experiences of a lifetime.



Our team has cultivated a reputation both within the industry and through our partnerships for setting the gold standard across four key divisions: Sales, Ride Maintenance & Installations, Parks & Attractions (Operations), and Financial Partnerships. 



Customize Your Thrills with Gerstlauer

Everyone loves to customize. From your car to your wardrobe, even your hamburger: who isn’t a fan of getting exactly what they want and standing out among the crowd? The same can be true for the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your facility – a roller coaster!...

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Meet the Team: Leah Peterkin

Every so often, we like to take the time to highlight a member of the Ride Entertainment family. Recently, we sat down with Leah Peterkin, Director of Operations for our Parks and Attractions division, to learn more about her and what she enjoys most about the...

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