A Clean Facility is A Profitable One

When it comes to the guest experience, nothing ruins the day faster than seeing a dirty park or attraction. So just how clean is your facility?

As more and more guests seek out cleaner, healthier ways to have fun, what has your facility done to adapt and address its cleanliness…all the way down to the microscopic level?

Take for instance, your high-touch surfaces: lap bars, handrails and buttons can all become breeding grounds for all sorts of unwanted, microscopic visitors. Or perhaps, your shared equipment: flight suits, bowling balls, golf clubs. Each one used several times a day by multiple people.

Clear Gear

This is where Clear Gear steps in, giving you and your guests the ultimate peace of mind. Unlike other disinfectants, Clear Gear doesn’t harm surfaces, kills mold, mildew, germs and viruses (including COVID-19) and easily air dries, allowing your operations to continue with minimal delay.

But it’s not just the things you touch that make your park truly clean – your water features and water-based attractions can take massive amounts of time and chemicals to get just right – only to overwhelm guests with fumes or even damage their clothing.


If your water rides or ponds are looking less like photo opportunities and more like green guacamole, it’s time to call in Microbe-Lift/WR.

It’s an all-natural, non-toxic solution to help save you time and money on maintaining one of the hardest items on your maintenance team’s to-do list. Easy to apply to any water ride or pond, Microbe-Lift/WR breaks down organic sludge, dead algae and reduces odors – among many other beneficial properties – all while being safe for wildlife, harmless to fish, humans and plants.

Plus, it can be used in water systems that have filters or aeration, across a wide range of pH conditions, all the way down to just 40 degrees Fahrenheit!

As the headlines continue to roll out about evolving variants and the benefits of a safer, cleaner environment, the attractions industry must be at the forefront of innovation. Adding Clear Gear and Microbe-Lift/WR to your team’s arsenal will ensure your facility stays at the forefront of cleanliness.

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