Technology takes a New Turn

Switchback® technology is the game-changing ride system from Ziptrek Technologies & Holmes Solutions that offers the ultimate flexibility in ride design and layout. The main ingredient in Switchback’s ride disrupting recipe is the ability to transition seamlessly between cable and rail at speed.


The Switchback® ride system allows endless ride layouts to create a zipline type experience that can be geared towards all audiences. The Switchback® tech can accommodate all types of ride layouts from a chill touring ride that transports riders throughout your property, over beautiful terrain, or over animal exhibits to an adrenaline packed thrill ride with drops, turns, and speed.

Learn how Switchback® technology can take your next project to another level through the combination of cables, rails, and creativity. 



Technology that Turns Corners & Heads

Switchback® technology is an innovative ride system that seamlessly integrates cable and rail. Riders can transfer between cable and rail at speed. With the combined powers of cable and rail, Switchback® technology can travel long distances, turn corners, drop into helixes, take varying pathways, fly through the trees or along a cliffside all in one ride. The possibilities are endless.

LEVEL UP with new powered Switchback® vehicles with single or tandem seat options. This new system can go up, down, turn, and stop on a dime – allowing ride designers to let their imaginations run wild. 

CUSTOMIZE & CONTROL your ride experience. That experience starts with seat options. Switchback® technology offer single and tandem rider options, providing a safe and comfortable experience while optimizing throughput.

The Switchback® control system and advanced swing dampening technology allow ride designers and operators to fully tune the rider experience. Create a ride experience exactly as you imagined it with a responsive vehicle system. Whether you’ve created a chill tour ride, a thrill experience, or a combination of both, with Switchback® you’re in control.