Celebrate With Us


Twenty Years! Everyone at Ride Entertainment is excited about the fact that we are celebrating two decades in the attractions industry this year.

While our founder and CEO, Ed Hiller, started Ride Entertainment in 1998 he had actually been in the industry for some time before that. The company began as S&MC USA. We were an independent sales arm of the roller coaster manufacturer S&MC and helped them finish out the Rye Playland and Stratosphere roller coasters.

In 1998 Ed re-branded the company Ride Entertainment Systems, Inc. to reflect our transformation as a general sales company. However, we always have been more than just a broker. The company specializes in being involved in every part of a sale- from the initial presentation through the ride commissioning. In 2010 we re-named the company Ride Entertainment Group to reflect the fact that we had grown to support several divisions and five years later we became simply Ride Entertainment.

What started as two people sharing a laptop has grown into a company with offices in Stevensville, Maryland (the company headquarters), Baltimore and New York City. Today Ride Entertainment has five distinct divisions:

  • Sales
  • Parks & Attractions
  • Financial Partnerships
  • Installations
  • Skycoaster®

We are excited about the celebration this year and look forward to sharing some highlights from our past as well as sharing exciting news about our future. Our team will be using our company hashtag #RideOn to share news across our social media platforms. We invite you to follow us and join the fun as we reflect back upon a fun past and an exciting future.

Adam Sandy

Chief Business Development Officer


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