CNN: Take a whirl on New York City’s carousels

This winter CNN had a great spotlight on the many fantastic carousels in the New York City area, several of which are run by Ride Entertainment Parks & Attractions. Some of our attractions include: The SeaGlass Carousel, The Pier 62 Carousel, The Forest Park Carouel and the Flushing Meadows Carousel. From CNN:

Plenty of images and sensations come to mind when you think of New York City: skyscrapers, pigeons and the smell of hot dogs on a street corner. However, the Big Apple has another distinction woven into the fabric of the city which is less
well-known: carousels.
New York City is home to more than a dozen merry-go-rounds, more than any other location in the country. That includes Binghamton, New York, which calls itself the carousel capital of the world.
“The thing about New York City is that the carousels there are so diverse,” explains Patrick Wentzel, president and census chairman of the National Carousel Association. “You have such a great selection there that somebody traveling to New York City can see really all the major [carousel] manufacturers right there. That’s pretty unique.”

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