Customize Your Thrills with Gerstlauer

Everyone loves to customize. From your car to your wardrobe, even your hamburger: who isn’t a fan of getting exactly what they want and standing out among the crowd? The same can be true for the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your facility – a roller coaster!

True, our partner Gerstlauer does offer several “off the rack” and custom coaster models to fit any potential ride site. But what if you don’t need an entirely new coaster…you need all-new trains for your existing coaster?


sooperdooperLooper – Hersheypark, PA

When older rolling stock was nearing the end of its service life, Hersheypark reached out, hoping to preserve the “classic” ride experience. But, they also wanted to lower their maintenance costs with modern trains and an updated control system.

Built in the same factory that the ride emerged from in 1977, these new Gerstlauer trains carry the legacy of Anton Schwarzkopf with them on every cycle. Each train preserves that classic Schwarzkopf feel, but with the added benefit of magnetic braking and lower operating costs.

To date, these trains have found their way onto other classic Schwarzkopf coasters, including five new trains on the traveling Alpina Bahn on the European traveling fair circuit.



Iron Rattler, Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Lauded by enthusiasts and park guests alike as one of the most comfortable roller coaster trains ever created, Gerstlauer’s rolling stock for Rocky Mountain Construction continues to deliver reliability and safety, over 10 years after first debuting.

And don’t forget about theming your attraction, too! Whether it be styled like a 1960’s Cadillac or a giant, menacing snake or something entirely different: the creative possibilities are endless!

With Fiesta Texas soon to take delivery of a new, third train for their park, it’s clear that if you want your RMC coaster operating at its best, your guests need to be riding it on Gerstlauer trains.


As you can see, there’s no rolling stock project that’s too big or too small for us to look at. When you’re planning ahead for your 2023-24 new capital projects, take a look around your facility for rides that just need a little love.  Then, reach out to us to see just what’s possible when you ride with Gerstlauer for your next park upgrade!

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