Do your guests want the most adrenaline-pumping attractions on the planet? Our Extreme Rides offer unmatched visceral thrills.


What’s it like to free fall hundreds of meters at speeds exceeding 112 km/h (70 mph), soar above the ground, and go flying above the tree tops? The answer is simple- Skycoaster®.


The Chaos Pendle provides pure adrenaline- this world-class thrill ride is a large propeller with seats on each end!


It comes as no surprise that the Slingshot is so popular. Nothing can compare to being flung skyward at 100 km/h (60 mph) in a matter of seconds. Step in if you dare.


Flip head over heels for the Booster!

Top Eliminator Dragsters® is a fully patented high-thrill, one-of-a-kind attraction that combines competition and skill with a thrilling race experience.

Soar through the sky while experiencing three simultaneous motions on this next-generation Booster!