It comes as no surprise that the Slingshot is so popular. Nothing can compare to being flung skyward at 100 km/h (60 mph) in a matter of seconds. Step in if you dare.


Riders board and lower the over the shoulder restraint. After checks are complete the pre-shot process begins as the springs tension. The capsule gently rolls backwards 90 degrees, so that riders face skyward. After the all clear is given the operator presses a button that releases the holding pin, which sends the capsule skyward. Guests go from ground level to over one hundred meters in the sky in a matter of seconds. As the capsule continues to go up and down it also flips, adding to the terror. The Slingshot is an extremely repeatable experience and guests often pay to get right back in line.


High Power

From the spring machine to the unique safety system, Funtime designed it all so you know the technology works on a regular basis in order to bring in more money for your property. Facilities of all sizes that installed Slingshots agree on one thing- they earn owners money with consistent uptime. Try and find that consensus with any other amusement ride.

The Slingshot is powered by a unique spring machine that operates by applying over 40 tons of force to specially-designed extension springs. This force is then transferred to the passenger capsule via sheaves and multiple steel cables. Extensive engineering and research was involved in the design of the Slingshot and the resulting design is one of the safest extreme rides worldwide.

The power of the spring machine can be varied with adjustments from a simple operator’s panel. This panel controls a computer that senses spring tension and ensures every rider, regardless of weight, an appropriate amount of thrust.



Technical Specifications

  • Tower Height: 54 m (177 ft)
  • Capsule Height: 81 m (265 ft)
  • Footprint: 22 m x 12.7 m (72 ft x 42 ft)
  • Instant Capacity: 2 riders
  • Capacity: 40-60 pph
  • Max. Speed: 100 km/h (62 mph)
  • Foundation Style: Concrete Foundation, Water Ballast Tank (Semi-Portable), or Trail-Mounted (Portable)
  • Ride Control System: Allen-Bradley and PILZ combination PLC
  • Electrical Power Req: 40 kW
  • Standards: Static calculations according to TUV, EN, ASTM and CSEI regulations
  • Height Restriction: 1.12 m (44 in)
  • Options: LED Lighting System

We have many different sizes and styles available, the specs. below refer to our 54-meter foundation model.