Where to Fly

Fly Skycoaster® at more than 75 Flight Lines world-wide. Soar around the globe with our interactive Skycoaster® Map below!



Below are a few of our Spotlight Sites and descriptions of different Skycoaster® models. 

The 250-foot Dual Skycoaster® at Wet’n’Wild in Sydney, Australia offers a breathtaking experience. The ride is one of the largest structures in the area and flyers can seemingly see forever before pulling the ripcord and plummeting toward earth.

A 173 ft. Dual Lattice Arch Skycoaster® is positioned stragetically at the front gate of one of North America’s busiest theme parks- Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, ON, Canada.

This 189 ft. Single Lattice A-Frame Skycoaster® has been flying guests over the lagoon in the heart of Kennywood Park in West Mifflin, PA since 1994.

Guests at Valleyfair near Minneapolis keep coming back to the Skycoaster® and make it an annual tradition to ride it when they visit the park..

Perhaps the most dramatic location of any Skycoaster® is at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Canon City, CO. Taking any Skycoaster® flight is thrilling enough, but adding in the visuals of swinging out over a 366 m (1200 ft) canyon created a one-of-a-kind thrill ride experience.


Hourly Capacity: 36 per flight line
Height Requirement: 1.07 m (42 in)
Cycle Time: 5 minutes
Top Speed: Approximately 112 km/h (70 mph)
Maximum G Forces: 2.3 G’s


Flight Tower: 109 ft. (33.4 meters)
Launch Tower: 100 ft. (33.4 meters)


Height of Flight Tower/Arch: 53.3 m (175 ft)
Height of Launch Tower: 48.8 m (160 ft)


Height of Flight Tower/Arch:53.3 m (175 ft)
Height of Launch Tower:48.8 (160 ft)


Required Footprint: 86 x 57 m (282 x 186 ft)
Height of Flight Tower/Arch: 76 m (250 ft)
67 m (220 ft)

Lighting Systems

Looking for lights? Our lighting system from KCL Engineering is available for Skycoasters of all sizes. This system is designed to not be attached to the tower. These LED RBG spotlights can illuminate a Skycoaster and create unique shows that meet your themeing and seasonal requirements.


The Skycoaster® has grossed over $1 billion dollars at sites around the globe with returns on investments as high as 50% for site owners. This is not only one of the most exciting attractions in the world, but also one of the most iconic and has one of the largest customer demographics of any attraction. An investment in a Skycoaster® provides not only a significant return on your investment year after year but provides you with an iconic marketing brand that has proven over the years to be a popular draw for your customers in every major revenue demographic.