Facebook Funtime offers Booster Unhinged

With more than two decades of frightening passengers and delighting onlookers along midways with its Booster attraction, Funtime is making headway into the larger theme park market with this thrill ride. The company’s StarFlyer has already been a huge seller and is seen in parks around the world. This year, the Booster attraction will be installed in two theme parks in the U.S. The Great Escape and Six Flags St. Louis will be introducing the towering, rotating thrills of the classic Booster to its audiences and the park skyline.

But now comes a twist.

Funtime has introduced Booster Unhinged. The first was introduced at Prater Park in 2019. The concept is now ready to expand and become bigger yet.

Booster Unhinged takes the proven extreme concept of the original Booster and revs up the adrenaline with another level of chaos. Riders experience three separate motions all at once: the rotation of the main boom, powered rotation of the seating rigs, and the free-flipping gravitational motion of each individual seat.

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