Park Express Train Ride

All aboard!


Trains are evergreen attractions in parks and work both as rides and transportation devices. Whether historical, western, or fantasy the charm of a train ride never disappears. Metallbau offers two models of their Park Express train ride, the 5500 and 6000, which utilize different track gauges. However, both offer the opportunity for everyone in the family to enjoy a classic train ride together.

The locomotive includes all of the ride controls and switching elements. The engine is built so that the engineer has a comfortable seat that offers unencumbered views of the tracks and can easily reach the controls. The front and side windows are glassed-in to provide the engineer some shelter from the weather.


Custom Cars

Each car has five rows of seats offering room for up to three people each. The cars have a roof and are designed to your theming requirements. They are equipped with hydraulic brakes and lockable doors. In addition, cars that can transport wheel chairs and strollers are also available.

Metallbau utilizes a diesel hydraulic drive that meets most local environmental regulations. The rails are laid on oak timbers and double rails for bridges and spans are also offered.



Technical Specifications

Park Express 6000

  • Locomotive: 4.8 m (15.7 ft) long × 1.42 m (4.65 ft) wide × 2.2 m (7.2 ft) tall
  • Carriages: 4.1 m (13.45 ft) long × 1.55 m (5.08 ft) wide × 2.03 m (6.66 ft) tall
  • Capacity: 5 row per-car, 2-3 guests per-row

Park Express 5500

  • Locomotive: 2.45 m (8.04 ft) long × .76 m (2.49 ft) wide × 1.75 m (5.74 ft) tall
  • Tender: 1.85 m (6.07 ft) long × .71 m (2.33 ft) wide × 1.85 m (6.07 ft) tall
  • Carriages (I): 3 m (9.84 ft) long × .71 m (2.33 ft) wide × 1.65 (5.41 ft) m tall
  • Carriages (II): 2 m (6.56 ft) long × .71 m (2.33 ft) wide × 1.65 m (5.41 ft) tall
  • Capacity: 2 in the Locomotive, 8 in the Tender, 12 in Carriage I, 8 in Carriage 2
  • Engine System: Diesel
  • Standards: Static calculations according to TUV, EN, ASTM and CSEI regulations
  • Options:
    Custom theming
    Paint scheme