One of the most popular children’s rides has been the Pony Trek. Park goers love it because they feel like they are riding real horses, park owners love it because the ride requires no foundations and has minimal foundation costs.

The Pony Trek is a trip back to the wild west for riders of all ages. The horse gallops around the course, in and out of any environment you create. This is a great attraction as a ride parents and children can ride together or as a child’s “first big ride”. Track layouts are easily customizable to suit any park’s unique site requirements.

Custom Vehicles

The horses are made of polyurethane and resistant to weathering. They are painted and can also utilize different models for a completely custom theme. In addition, a sound option is available to further enhance the riding experience. The horses can be equipped with one or two saddles. A 400 w DC motor supplies the drive and an eccentric drive wheel offers a galloping motion. All of the vehicles are equipped with brakes and a soft start. The rails consist of individually bolted segments, the minimum radius for horses is 5 meters (16.4 feet), and it can be reduced to 4 meters (13 feet) with other figures..

Technical Specifications

  • Instant Capacity: 1 or 2
  • Typical Track Length: 167 m (550 ft)
  • Typical Number of Animals: 8-10
  • Foundation Style: None required (structure utilizes concrete sleepers)
  • Electrical Power Req: 400 V/AC
  • Standards: Static calculations according to TUV, EN, ASTM and CSEI regulations
  • Height Restriction: 91 cm (36 in)
  • Options: