From Mild to Wild, Gerstlauer Delivers the Thrills

They are the ultimate in German roller coaster engineering. Family and thrill rides that (literally) stand out above all the others.  They are the roller coasters of Gerstlauer, one of the most celebrated ride manufacturers of our time.

Gerstlauer boats an impressive company lineage, dating back to founder Hubert Gerstlauer working alongside legendary roller coaster manufacturer, Anton Schwarzkopf. To this day, Gerstlauer’s manufacturing facility is located inside the old Schwarzkopf factory in Münsterhausen, Germany.


Gerstlauer coaster

The company’s signature attraction is the Infinity Coaster, so named because of the infinite possibilities with this model. From vertical loops, beyond-vertical drops, launches, switch tracks and even an on-board voting system (!) there’s practically nothing this coaster cannot do.

Spiritual predecessor to the Infinity Coaster, Gerstlauer made a splash on the attractions industry in 2003 with the debut of their first Eurofighter compact coaster. With its jaw-dropping 90-degree lift hill and 97-degree first drop, Vild-Svinet at BonBon Land set the stage for nearly 20 years of even taller and steeper Eurofighters.

To this day, Gerstlauer still owns the Guinness World Record for Steepest Drop on a Roller Coaster, 121.5 degrees on TMNT Shellraiser at American Dream.

Not to be forgotten in Gerstlauer’s already impressive lineup of thrill rides, the company is also responsible for several award-winning family attractions, including: the popular Spinning Coaster, the launching / reversing Family Coaster and the mild-to-wild Bobsled Coaster.



In addition to their creative and innovative work on their own coaster designs, Gerstlauer has provided new, custom rolling stock for several attractions, including the classic SooperDooperLooper at Hersheypark.

But that’s not all! Not only does the company build some of the most thrilling, most entertaining coasters on the market, they also have an impressive catalog of flat rides, including: Sky Roller, Sky Fly and Giant Wheel among others.

Whether it be an impossibly compact space, a sprawling expanse of land or a challenging location no one else will touch – the teams at Ride Entertainment and Gerstlauer are ready to turn your dream into a reality for your guests!

Message us today and let us show you how Gerstaluer can put your facility on the map.

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