Leading the industry in vertical thrills.

Taking Screams to New Heights

Born of Austrian steeplejacks and mountain climbers, Funtime’s attractions emphasize the thrill of height. Odds are if you’re on a Funtime ride, you’re probably screaming several hundred feet in the air. Despite being located in the small, picturesque village of Dolsach, Austria, Funtime’s rides can be found thrilling riders all around the world.

Funtime also offers a myriad of other unique contraptions designed to elicit thrills from riders. The company continues to innovate and come up with unique attractions that scare riders and keep them coming back for more.


As the maker of the spring-powered Slingshot, Funtime has safely catapulted millions of riders skyward across the globe. Installations in the United States, China, New Zealand, Spain, Greece, Italy, Australia and dozens of other countries make the Slingshot the industry’s fastest-selling up-charge attractions since 2000. Complimenting the Slingshot is the StarFlyer. This attraction’s emphasis is family fun and offers an amazing view from hundreds of feet in the air.


Record-breaking Tower Rides

The world’s tallest StarFlyer scrapes the skies along International Drive. Standing 450 feet tall it offers riders an unparalleled view of Florida’s iconic tourist attractions. Manufactured by Funtime of Austria this beautiful ride attracts riders from around the globe.