Giant Thrills, Tiny Footprint

There are few attractions out there with the sheer presence of Funtime’s Booster. While small in footprint, it is big on thrills for riders – and visuals for those watching from the ground. A giant swinging arm, up to 164 feet tall, moving at over 60 m.p.h. – it’s like a wind turbine that you can ride!

Riders load at the bottom of the attraction, while guests who are already loaded take in the views (if they can keep their eyes open) from hundreds of feet in the air. After all the over-the-shoulder restraints have been checked, the ride slowly begins to spool up. It continues to gain speed, seemingly effortlessly, all while flipping riders through the air at freeway speeds.

It is a sight to behold and an experience that should satisfy even the most ardent thrill seeker. Or at least, it was.

Now, Funtime has taken the classic Booster concept and added a terrifying new twist, well, several new twists with their Booster Unhinged!

First debuting at Prater Park in 2019, Booster Unhinged gives rides a total of three separate motions all at once: the boom rotation, powered rotation of the seats and the free-flipping motion of each, individual seat. It’s pure chaos, hundreds of feet in the air!

Eight, 16 and even 32-seat versions are available for parks of all sizes and capacity needs. This also gives our clients flexibility, as the Booster can be used as either an upcharge attraction or offer it as part of a traditional ride lineup in a pay-one-price model.

Since opening at Prater Park in Austria, Booster Unhinged has exceeded all expectations, with guests lining up to experience this new twist on an old favorite. Are your guests ready to get a little unhinged themselves? Contact us today to see how Ride Entertainment can instantly upgrade your skyline with Funtime’s Booster and Booster Unhinged.

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