Interactive Ride Technology

The interactive system for amusement parks and museums that puts your visitors in the starring role.

Interactive System

The cornerstone to any great interactive system are the devices and targets. Lagotronics Projects allows its customers to mix and match from its fantastic collection of technology. The robust technology behind all of these devices make them unique to the attractions industry.


Hand Symbol Control

Any motion, from precise maneuvering to easy triggering, can be used by game players to engage the game. Riders need to only put their hands in a specified area above system in order to start earning points.

Swipe Control

Players swipe their hands over a screen in order to throw snowballs, fire a gun or whatever you imagine to earn points and be put in the game.


Because of the ease of use, the cannon is the most child-friendly of all our devices. Players of any age can easily pull the string of the cannon in order to enter the game.


The classic. This device offers 360 degrees of freedom and guests can play in a room as large as a warehouse- or as small as a living room.


Physical Targets

A physical target can be disguised as virtually anything: an animatronic, a lamp on the wall, a clock, a coffee cup – you name it. Anything that fits your story or theme. A target can be stationary or moving, containing light, sound, whatever best tells your story.

Video Game

Lagotronics Projects can integrate video games into your ride or leisure area. These are video screens (2D or 3D), such as projection screens, LCD displays or projection mapping, playing real-time video game content.

The Best of Both

A combination of both physical targets and video games is also possible. Your guests will remember this experience long after their visit.

The Interactive Ride Technology from Lagotronics Projects is the name for the wide range of interactive products they use to create impressive and exciting experiences for your visitors. Their systems offer visitors the chance to prove their skills, accuracy, and speed. They can score points by hitting targets using a magic wand, a torch, or a fantasy shooter, activating interactive elements in the ride.

Features such as audio or video systems are triggered, animatronics are brought to life, or the lighting and special effects suddenly create a completely different atmosphere. And it’s more than just a game – your visitors will feel like they’re in the starring role. You have to experience it to believe it! The Interactive Ride Technology is fully modular, and works with targets in the decoration and 2D or 3D video screen. Projection mapping and augmented reality are examples of features with which Lagotronics Projects can give a ride an even deeper level of experience. They can install their interactive Ride Technology in new or existing attractions, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, museums, visitor centers- really in any attraction where the owner that wants to upgrade their guest experience. Their state-of-the-art wireless communication eliminates many of the measures that would otherwise be needed to integrate the system with your infrastructure.