Lighting Up Your Lives with KCL Engineering

Amusement parks and other attractions tend to be eye-catching by nature. But, when you really think about it, they truly come alive at night. There’s something about a theme park at night that sets the senses into overdrive and a big part of that is the way the attractions are illuminated.

For years, the only way you could light an attraction was with large, high-pressure sodium bulbs all around the structure. While bright, they were expensive to maintain and cast a yellow tint wherever the shadows weren’t. Other facilities used colored gels and shifting lights, but those too are maintenance hogs and the effect is, well – lackluster in this digital age.

Enter our friends at KCL Engineering. Using the latest in LED technology, these incredible lighting systems are attached directly to the ride structure and can be customed to create nearly every color imaginable. Not only that, they are able to create endless color combinations and can even be synchronized to follow the movement of the ride vehicles!

No longer is lighting an attraction just “good show” for your guests – with a custom lighting package from KCL Engineering, it’s now a legitimate show in and of itself!

Since first installing their stunning light show on The Monster at Adventureland Park, Ride Entertainment and KCL Engineering have worked together on: Adrenaline Peak at the Oaks Amusement Park, Skycoaster at Fun Spot Orlando, Hangtime at Knott’s Berry Farm and the Orlando Star Flyer, just to name a few.


Gerstlauer coaster


But, it’s not just new coasters, swing rides and Skycoasters that KCL Engineering can help brighten up. Existing attractions in need of a refresh can also be upgraded with this eye-catching marketing. If you’re looking to keep your guests in your park for longer visits, nothing will hold their attention better than a stunningly beautiful light show on one of your marquee attractions.

So, are you feeling that spark of imagination for one (or several) of your facility’s attractions? Contact us today to see how we can make your night (and day) brighter!

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