Ride Tech Upgrade

Add or upgrade existing interactive systems for virtually any genre of attraction, from Dark Rides to Flat Rides to Outdoor Tracked Rides!


Lagotronics Projects has the ability to either totally revamp your existing interactive ride or design and install a new interactive system to an existing ride and turn it back into a top performer. Implementing their high-accuracy Interactive Ride System and target positioning system, players will feel the true difference and have confidence that they’re being rewarded for all target hits. A precise location of connection from shooter to screen is determined using X, Y, Z coordinates, which stems from the custom TRIG3 technology. Utilizing this state of the art technology, they can provide accurate angle sensors capable of detecting 19,000 pixels over the screen width. The sensors require no maintenance and can work independently, making it fail safe.



Custom Shooters

Different types of shooters allow for unique experiences also. Lagotronics Projects offers fixed, handheld and and gesture shooters. Gesture shooters are activated by the player’s hand motions allow the player to control the force at which the object is cascaded onto the main screen. These shooters have a much more realistic and interactive feel compared to other systems. Lagotronics Projects can tailor any game to fit a specific theme through their game department’s development.





This technology can not only be used on an indoor attraction, but to upgrade any outdoor attraction as well. Targets can be installed along the course of a ride for players to aim at, adding a whole new element to a classic ride. Today’s park-goers demand interactivity and a Lagotronics Projects retrofit breathes new life into your ride.

Dark Ride Interactive System Upgrade

Interactive Dark Rides have proven to become one of most popular marquee family rides in the Attractions Industry. Many of these rides have interactive systems that have become outdated and heavy on maintenance which leads to guest disappointment and operator headaches. Lagotronics Projects can design and install a new interactive system using their award-winning technology that delivers both an intuitive gaming experience for your guests and less issues for your maintenance team.

The Ghost Hunt interactive dark ride had long been a guest favorite at Lake Compounce. For the park’s 2017 season, Lagotronics Projects was chosen to install a new interactive system on the attraction. The new system featured shooters that use LED’s with no mechanical wear parts along with new audio and personal scoring displays which were installed on each of the ride’s vehicles. Furthermore, all targets and IR sensors on the ride were replaced and the system was incorporated in the scenery. At the end of the ride, a new large scoreboard was installed, which shows the individual visitor scores, the high score of the day, week, month or the best of the season. The increased guest satisfaction coupled with vastly decreased maintenance on the park’s side will ensure this perennial favorite remains in the park’s attractions portfolio for many years to come.




General Attraction Interactive System

Upgrade & Implementation

The sky is the limit when adding or upgrading an interactive system on an existing attraction. Any flat ride or tracked ride (including trains) can benefit from the added dimension of guest interactivity. Lagotronics Projects will work with your team to create an interactive system designed to boost the popularity of a ride or enhance the experience of an already well-loved attraction. Two examples of this can be seen below.

The tower is a fun family attraction where guests pull themselves up 9 m (30 ft) in the air. However, until recently the two-person seats only engaged one rider at a time. Lagotronics Projects added interactivity to the Heege Tower. Riders can use a “magic wand” to hit the colorful targets located around the tower. The goal is to score as many points as possible and to set the high score. The targets are located at various heights and angles, so to hit all the targets, the seat must be raised and lowered to a number of different heights. Teamwork is essential. While one person operates the tower’s hoist rope, the other tries to hit the targets. And the end of the ride, each team’s score per team can be seen on the monitor. The scores of other teams as well as the high score of the day, month, and year, are also visible.

Rasti-Land in Germany had an aging car ride that needed either to be “plussed” in order to increase ridership or removed. The park worked with Lagotronics Projects to create a great new attraction: “Foto-Safari”- a new interactive outdoor ride with lots of fun elements. Lagotronics Projects devised and executed the conversion plan for “Foto-Safari” in a partnership with the park.

Five safari-vehicles drive through a beautiful African landscape. Along the route riders can see beautiful wildlife animals. Every vehicle is equipped with two “Magic Photo Cameras”, which allow riders to ensure the animals show themselves. As many as 64 targets are integrated in the interactive ride, enough change to ensure the park-goer’s wildlife experience is extraordinary! When guests “take a picture” of the targets they earn points and the animals they see along the way are targets. If they manage to shoot them with their camera, the animal will move, make a noise or both! When the ride is over, players see their score on a huge screen. The ride has a huge fun factor and is great for all demographics! The investment in the Foto Safari was a fantastic one for Rasti-Land as they received a new attraction while preserving all of the previous ride and in-ground investment in their car ride.