100% Natural, Safe & Beneficial Bacteria for Water Rides, Lagoons & Decorative Ponds

Ride Entertainment, in partnership with Ecological Laboratories, offers a water treatment product that is effective, easy to use and

does not harm your equipment and the environment. 

Why Microbe-Lift®/WR?

Microbe-Lift®/WR contains many species of live bacteria that have been cultivated for compatibility, reproduction, and growth to an adult state so they can attack and eliminate organic waste in water rides, ponds, and lagoons. Once combined in the package, the bacteria begin to grow and react synergistically to one another. They go through millions of reactions and pathways that produce a unique product. 

In other words, Microbe-Lift®/WR accelerates nature.

100% Natural: Microbe-Lift®/WR contains organisms that are already found in the environment yet are sometimes insufficient in population to fully process the contaminants in water. The bacteria in Microbe-Lift®/WR produce the necessary enzymes to successfully and safely breakdown organic contaminants typically found in water.

Naturally beautiful, clear water: Microbe-Lift®/WR essentially turbo-charges nature and allows it to process and clean water at higher levels and more efficient levels than otherwise achievable.

How does it compare to chlorine?

Chlorine is a sanitizing agent that, when used in the right proportions, kills biological elements; however, chlorine is challenging in several significant ways that can become expensive to manage:

  • Maintaining appropriate levels, approximately 1ppm, of chlorine in a water ride is a challenge as chlorine can dissipate quickly. On a hot sunny day, 90% of chlorine can be lost is just 2 hours!
  • Chlorine levels must be checked multiple times per day and adjusted if needed.
  • Chlorine can be damaging to ride equipment, causing rust and corrosion.
  • Chlorine can be harmful to riders and the environment if not maintained at the proper level.

    Microbe-Lift®/WR offers park operators a cost effective, natural treatment that achieves the rapid reduction of the organic waste constituents that builds-up within bulk water.

    • Easy to Apply

    • Environmentally Friendly

    • Safe for all wildlife in and around your rides or ponds

    • Breaks down organic sludge and slime

    • Reduces ammonia and organic nitrogen levels

    • Significantly reduces noxious odors

    • Reduces hydrogen sulfide, which causes strong, offensive odors

    • Reduces buildup of bird droppings and dead leaves

    • Can be effective in water systems that have filters or aeration 

    Naturally clear water in 14 days or less!

    To enhance and restore water quality and achieve odor abatement, we recommend adding Microbe-Lift®/WR weekly for 4 weeks then monthly as described below. 

    microbe-lift chart

    Quantities & Introductory Pricing

    The following sizes are available and ready to ship:

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