Ride Entertainment Introduces New Partner, NewcoUSA

Ride Entertainment’s Maintenance & Installation Division (RMI) has installed and worked on roller coaster projects around the world including many record-breaking attractions. In doing so, the RMI team has built a reputation within the attractions industry as the unparalleled leaders in providing high-quality ride installations, ride maintenance, and project management. Partnering with NewcoUSA was a natural fit for Ride Entertainment, with both companies’ mission being the commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

“Newco’s ability to offer replacement wheels that are an entirely new wheel including the hub at a price competitive to the price of a relined wheel is what sets them apart,” says RMI Project Manager, Amanda Mercado. “Relined wheels do not always perform at the same level as a new wheel. This new approach will save time and money for maintenance teams in the industry. We are all excited to be a part of delivering this product to the industry and we think there is a lot of value in what Newco can do both with replacement wheels and engineering new solutions.”

NewcoUSA has built a reputation in precision engineering and application of polyurethane wheels for record-breaking roller coasters, including a variety of industrial solutions, for more than two decades. NewcoUSA strives for perfection and the Räder Vogel wheel does just that.

Räder Vogel wheels have been the high-performance standard for more than seventy years and counting. From the elimination of vibrations (due to Räder Vogel proprietary lamination process) to eliminating excessive rolling noise, Räder Vogel wheels are the proven solution for today’s world-class amusement parks. Räder Vogel’s wheels are non-marking, have low starting and rolling resistances, and good chemical resistance to mineral oils and greases as well as various solvents, and load capacities up to 25,000 kg. Thanks to their resistance to various environmental effects, they are used for roller coasters, machines, and devices of all kinds, as well as for work platforms, transport trolleys, assembly trolleys, storage trolleys, and container wagons.

The partnership of Ride Entertainment and NewcoUSA will enable the distribution of the Räder Vogel wheels to amusement facilities throughout North America with the goal to provide customers with multiple wheel solutions. Newco will be able to provide high-quality, maintenance-friendly replacement wheels and new engineered wheel solutions to solve existing wheel failure issues. Newco’s innovative approach and dedicated quality control staff will make their wheels the most cost-effective wheel solution in the industry.  This, combined with their world-renowned commitment to customer service, will make Räder Vogel wheels the primary choice for your attractions in the future.

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