The Sky Trail® Discovery is the perfect option for those looking to take a step above the entry-level course. The Discovery is based on RCI’s equilateral triangle pole system, which maximizes limited spaced footprints, indoors or out.

The course can be designed for or two levels and have one or two entrances and exits. A minimum of two operators are required to support a throughput of 30 to 200 people in one hour depending on the size of the course. The course is modular, which means that Sky Rails™ and Sky Tykes™ as well as additional poles and elements can be added at any time for future expansion up to two levels

The Sky Trail® Discovery can be found at the Toronto Zoo in Canada, where it allows guests of all ages to explore on the Gorilla Climb. Designed to integrate into the topography, this installation has been a hit with the zoo because of its popularity and low maintenance costs. It is also at other great locations around the world:


  • WonderWorks (Florida, USA)
  • Carnegie Science Center (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Andreetti Karting & Games (Florida, USA)