The Sky Trail® Explorer offers what park-goers are demanding- interactivity. Guests of all ages can challenge themselves by tackling an adventure through the sky.


The Explorer offers a myriad of elements and allows you to build as high as you want. The system is a proven revenue generator with tremendous repeat customer experience that the entire family can enjoy. When compared with traditional amusement rides there is minimal maintenance time required each day, and little-to-no power needed.

The Sky Trail® Explorer is designed for sites with a significant amount of traffic who want to maximize throughput amounts with a multi-level course. The pole structure forms a square and can be as tall as you can dream. The system is also designed to work inside or outdoors. Elements connect each pole and the choice of 1 or 2 entrances and exits is available. A minimum of 2 operators are required to support a throughput of 30 to 260 people in 1 hour depending on the size of the course. Additional poles and elements can be added at any time for future expansion.

The Explorer starts with a square and you build from there. This layout is based upon a 23-foot cube. These are assembled side-by-side, vertically, and combined in many different patterns to develop a unique guest experience. The concept of this course is to allow guests to roam through the experience, often at their own pace. This experience has been a success worldwide and can be found at facilities such as:


  • Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America (Minnesota, USA)
  • The Island (Tennessee, USA)
  • Sea World (Australia)