The Sky Trail® Seeker is designed to challenge pre-adolescents and teens at a height at which they’re most comfortable, without the need of a chaperone!

The Seeker targets participants less than 1.63 m (64 in) in height and up to 68 kg (150 lbs). The course is designed with smaller guests in mind, so proportionate platform heights and elements are used. Elements also increase in difficulty as you scale higher levels to appeal to our more daring adventurers. A two level course will fit inside buildings with 6.1 m (20 ft) ceilings and up to four levels are available to maximize throughput. There is no limit to pole expansion and staffing remains minimal.

Each Sky Trail® Seeker is equipped with the same standard features as a traditional Sky Trail® Explorer.


  • Approximate course height:
    1 level: 2.74 m (9 ft)
    2 levels: 5.49 m (18 ft)
    3 levels: 7.93 m (26 ft)
    4 levels: 10.36 m (34 ft)
    Please note, these numbers may differ based on specific site locations.
  • Approximate platform height:
    1st level: 76 m (2 ft, 6 in)
    2nd level: 3.23 m (10 ft, 7 in)
    3rd level: 569 m (18 ft, 8 in)
    4th level: 8.15 m (26 ft, 9 in)
  • Element lengths: 5.33 m (17 ft, 6 in) long