The Spirit of the Season

“2020 is nearly over.”

Those are probably the best words we’ve all heard in a long time. As our industry continues to grapple with the effects of COVID-19 and the economic fallout that has followed it, you couldn’t be blamed for feeling down or depressed about the whole situation.

However, I see it a different way. 2020 was a year of crushing lows, yes – but also when our industry stepped up, stepped out of its comfort zone and ultimately, gave a command performance just when it needed to. In the process, we reminded ourselves of the critical role we play in spreading joy and happiness to our world.

When the pandemic ultimately began to show just how long it would last, facilities around the world heeded the call to shut down to protect the health of our guests. Many stepped up with food drives or calls for homemade masks for those unable to protect themselves.

As we learned more about the virus and how it spread, facilities began innovative, new screening techniques to limit capacity and contained potential spread.

For locations that could not reopen due to more restrictive guidelines, they adapted. They hosted drive-in movies or other non-riding, socially distant activities. Retail and food options were moved outdoors or partially opened food or retail locations.

When the holidays rolled in, we saw even more innovation. Perhaps some, like the drive-thru holiday light shows, may prove to have lasting power at facilities in colder climates.

Now that we are in the home stretch of this “year to end all others,” the attractions industry has done more than “just survive” 2020. No, we took an entire lemon of a year and made the biggest batch of lemonade possible.

To our current clients, we thank you for your loyalty in these uncertain times. And to our past and future clients, we look forward to working with you and making your already wonderful facility even better than it already is.

And if you think about it, perhaps 2020 may provide us with the best gift of the holiday season – the gift of finally ending.

Happy Holidays!

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