Rocket Ride

Welcome to the New Frontier

funtime rocket logo

3, 2, 1…blast off!

Sit back and let the Rocket launch you into the the new frontier! Guests are secured with over-the-shoulder restraints and once locked into position, the Rocket ascends into cruising altitudes. True to its name, the Rocket’s engines roar to life with thematic effects throughout its corkscrew rotation.

The Rocket’s thrilling vertical ride motion easily makes it a park’s focal point! In addition, an LED-lighting package make it a signature piece at any amusement facility.

The Rocket’s mechanical systems (including motor and winch) are located at the bottom of the tower, making the ride extremely maintenance-friendly. 

funtime rocket drawing

Technical Specifications

  • Park Model Tower Height: 75 m  (246 ft)
  • Footprint: 23 m x 23 m (75 ft x 75 ft)
  • Instant Capacity: 30 riders
  • Hourly Throughput: 450 pph
  • Foundation Style: Foundation or Trailer-Mounted
  • Ride Control System: Allen-Bradley PLC system
  • Electrical Power Req: 200 kW
  • Standards: Static calculations according to TUV, EN, ASTM and CSEI regulations
  • Height Restriction: 1.4 m (54 in)
  • Options:
    LED Lighting Package
    Custom-Designed Top