What a Difference a Year Makes

Where does the time go? It seems like just last month we were talking about polar temperatures and the first people getting the COVID-19 vaccine here in the United States. My how a few months changes things, huh?

At Ride Entertainment, we’ve been in overdrive since the start of the year, working to bring you the Gold Standard in the attractions industry.

So just what have we been up to in the past few months? Well…

We safely re-opened all of our attractions in New York City, including Adventures at Governors Island and the SeaGlass Carousel at The Battery located in Lower Manhattan.

Rising from the ashes of the COVID-19 pandemic, we erected the aptly-named Phoenix family inverted roller coaster at historic Coney Island.

In addition to all of our working building the industry back up, we also signed a new partnership agreement with innovative disinfectant manufacturer, Clear Gear. Finally, a disinfectant that isn’t toxic, doesn’t hurt your capacity / throughput, ensures your surfaces are hygienic and best of all: it will not ruin the surfaces that it is sprayed on! Even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, facilities using Clear Gear will set the cleanliness standard for the attractions industry for years to come.

We partnered with Ecological Laboratories, makers of the Microbe-Lift / WR all-natural water purification solution. Using microbes to clean the water instead of chemicals, we’ve help save facilities money and lowered their chlorine use significantly. All the while, keeping the same level of purification you’ve come to expect from your water-based attractions.

Last but certainly not least, we set the amusement world on fire with our teaser announcement of a new, record-breaking Gerstlauer roller coaster coming to the United States in 2022. So where will it go? Be sure to stay tuned for the big reveal later this summer!

We’re halfway through 2021 and we’re not slowing down anytime soon – a testament to the pent-up demand for families looking for an escape and to the resiliency of our attractions industry.

As your attraction or facility looks towards a brighter future in the second half of 2021 and the start of 2022, be aware that our incredible service and maintenance team is already seeing bookings for off-season work. If you’ve got too much to do and not enough experienced hands to do it, be sure to message us to get your requests in soon. We service all attractions, regardless of manufacturer!

See you out on the midways, everyone!

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