Gerstlauer thrills from “Rock Bottom” to “Sky Fly”

The moment you walk into the Mall of America’s giant atrium into Nickelodeon Universe, two rides are bound to catch your eye.

The first is Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge, a custom Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter with a punch as strong as any jellyfish sting.

spongebob roller coaster at american dream mall in new jersey
spongebob roller coaster ride

If that wasn’t enough to quench your thrill thirst, walk (don’t run) over to the mammoth TMNT Shell Shock, a Gerstlauer Sky Fly attraction that quite literally places you in the pilot’s seat to soar above the park.

skyfly at american dream mall


As you wait in line and watch the ride operator, you would be forgiven for doing a double take. Yes, they really are operating the attraction from a highly-themed pizza cart and box, which disguises the actual control panel. It’s just one of those immersive little details that the team at Gerstlauer are known for.

Once the 12 passengers have been safely locked into the comfortable and accommodating lap bar restraints, their flight begins as the ride rises slightly, and the large arm begins rotating. Using lightweight wings on either side of the vehicle, guests can control how much (or how little) they flip in the air. Utilizing the atrium’s unique architecture, the ride has several “near miss” elements with the wall and ceiling, amplifying the thrills. As far as flat rides go, it’s a spectacular sight to watch and even more exciting to ride. With it’s 48” height requirement, it also appeals to a wide audience of fans!

So the next time you order a pizza, just imagine what you could be controlling with it at your park or facility.

teenage mutant ninja turtles point of sale at american dream mall

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